About ICIS

The International Cytokine and Interferon Society (formerly ISICR and ICS) is a non-profit organization of over 600 scientists devoted to research in the fields of cytokine, interferon and chemokine cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and the clinical use of these biological response modifiers.

The mission of the Society shall be:

  • to promote original research in the fields of cytokines, interferons, chemokines, growth factors and their receptors
  • to facilitate communication and interaction between scientists aimed at the multidisciplinary integration of current basic and clinical knowledge and concepts in these areas of research
  • to promote the dissemation of information on, and applications of knowledge of theses areas of biomedical research
  • to promote an awareness with educational programs of the national and international health communities of the importance of these areas of biomedical research
  • to achieve these goals, the Society will sponsor meetings, publications and other educational activities.