Are you a wine person? Do you love to taste different wines? Then you should try these exclusive Viner frånSpanien. A company named FincaBiniagual produces them. It is a family business. They are popular for the production of wine for a long time. Here are some of their products you must try-

  • FincaBiniagualNegre 2014
  • It is red wine. 
  • The content of alcohol in this wine is 15%. 
  • Its volume is 75 cl.
  • The grapes used in this wine are Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Manto Negro.

The procedure of production

  1. The FincaBiniagualNegre 2014 wine is prepared with hand-picked grapes. 
  2. From 10 to 12 kg of grapes are harvested in small boxes.
  3. Those grapes are then re-selected in the wine cellar. 
  4. After that, they get filtered for almost 16 hours in a cold atmosphere.
  5. Then the primary sedimentation happens. 
  6. After that, the wine is stored for 3 months straight with yeast particles. 
  7. The fermentation takes place in a stainless steel tank.
  • M. de BiniagualRosat 2016
  • This is a rose wine.
  • The alcohol content of this wine is 12.5%.
  • Its volume is 75 cl.
  • The grapes used for this wine are only pure Monte Negro.

The procedure of production

  1. M. de BiniagualRosat 2016 wine is manufactured with hand-picked grapes. 
  2. Small boxes are used to harvest them.
  3. From 10 to 12 kg of harvested grapes are then again selected in the wine cellar and filtered for nearly 16 hours. 
  4. They need a cold atmosphere during this filtration.
  5. Once the primary sedimentation occurs, the wine goes to stainless steel tanks with yeast particles. 
  6. There it is fermented for 3 months.
  • M. de Biniagual Blanc 2017
  • This one is a white wine.
  • The quantity of alcohol in this wine is 13%.
  • Its volume is 75 cl.
  • The grapes used to produce this wine are Muscat of Alexandria (20%), Chardonnay (20%), and Prensal Blanc (60%).

The procedure of production

  1. M. de Biniagual Blanc 2017 wine is produced with hand-picked grapes. 
  2. These grapes need a cold and carbonated atmosphere to get fermented. 
  3. After that, the grapes are pressed softly. 
  4. A low temperature is needed during this step of pressing.  
  5. In the end, they need fermentation at a certain temperature. 
  6. The temperature is 17degrees. 
  7. Later on, they get stabilized gradually. 

So, these are all you need to know about the wines. Try these three different Viner frånSpanien. All of them are manufactured with hand-picked grapes. The grapes also go through a re-selection process before the fermentation.

 You can buy the wines in two ways. You can purchase them individually. Or, you can purchase them together. They come in a combo offer too.

In the combo, you can buy those three wines at a discounted rate.  All of them will provide you with the taste of the real delicacy of SpanskaKvalitetsviner.

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