How to Build a social media calendar: Planning and Scheduling for Social Media Success

When you know when certain events are going to take place, you can plan your content around them, and here are some important elements you should definitely include in your calendar:

Key social media channels – These are the sites and apps you use for social media marketing, once you have them all in your calendar, you will have less trouble keeping track of all your activities.

Dates – You can add as many events as you like to your calendar, however, it’s best to include dates so clients, partners, and stakeholders will be able to understand the context of your activities.

Times – Events and posts from social media channels usually have their own time slots by adding times in your calendar, you can organize your time better, especially when it comes to checking social media content.

Notes – There are situations when you need to take notes while you’re on social media, you can keep track of such details in your calendar so you don’t forget them.


Stay Up-to-Date with Blog Posts

If you want to keep your social media calendar up-to-date, one great way is to follow and stay up to date with the blog posts of your social media channels, you can bookmark these posts or create a daily reading schedule in your calendar so you won’t miss anything.

Something you can do is to use a service, which allows you to create reading and alert schedules for your favorite blogs, then, when you see a new post from that channel, you can create a new task on your calendar to let you know about it.

Blogs also have the advantage of often being updated multiple times a day, so you can set up a recurring task on your calendar to let you know when it’s time to read the next post this way, you will be able to stay up-to-date in no time at all.


Track Upcoming Events and Birthdays

Another tip when it comes to keeping your social media calendar up-to-date is to regularly track upcoming events and upcoming birthdays on your calendar, you can do this by creating columns on your calendar for upcoming events and birthdays, so when you see an event or birthday on your calendar, you will know right away that there’s something else to be done.

You won’t have to search for it on your own as well as you can also add a note in your calendar to mark such occasions, this way, you won’t miss anything else because you will see the new task right on your calendar.


Organize by Frequency and Theme

When you start creating columns on your calendar to show upcoming events, dates, and birthdays, you start to see patterns, some channels, and events repeat on a certain day of the week, month, or year, this can help you identify themes among your social media channels.

With themes in mind, it becomes easier to tell what content is relevant to your business and what content you can skip, for example, if your business is focused on travel, you might want to see if there are any upcoming posts related to travel on your calendar, you can also search for the hashtag related to travel on your preferred social media channels.


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