Katsura Imperial Villa (Katsura Rikyu) - Kyoto TravelThe region of Western Kyoto is home to some of the best eccentricities that you can possibly find around the world. When you are on a tourist visit to Kyoto, you must see the eccentricities in their full color. When you have a planned tourist guide, you will see all the landmarks in the city. The best Kyoto night walking tour will be achieved if the following blueprint is included in the tour round the city. Enjoy!

 The Toriimoto Preserved Street

 Kyoto is known for its choice tea. You must take a walk through the preserved street, which takes tourists back to the Meiji Period. This is the period in Japan’s history where old homes were transformed into tea houses and eateries. There are pleasure boats along the riverbank thatinvites lovers of nature tohiketrails and botanical walks.

This area is busiest in the summer months. What tourists will see along the path includes all of the following: famously tall bamboo groves; a monkey park; and excellent vistas. There are several historical landmarks in the city. There are some 1,200 raking statues at the OtagiNenbutsuji Temple. The temple is still in use and is visited by tourists and even natives.

 Macaques in the semi-wild

The monkeys at this tourist destination are friendly, unlike what is available with monkeys elsewhere. The animals are under the watchful eyes of two tourists, and they are always in the best of elements. When the weather is hot, you will find them sleeping or resting in the trees. The little ones are always scampering about, irrespective of the weather. Mention can be made of several Oriental turtle doves; they are used to human traffic and are never scared. This sight is worth seeing.


Your Kyoto day tour will get an extra kick if you have experience hiking. The saying that this is a gentle hike of about 20 minutes is far from the actual reality. You must get yourself prepared for a steep and long hiking experience. If you are new to it, it will take more than the estimated 20 minutes because you will have breaks in-between because of the speed and steep nature of the terrain.

If you are not experienced, you will have minor health challenges after the hiking experience. The route is not fenced and it cannot be accessed by a wheelchair. If you are with your kids or you have a phobia of steep terrain, take along your strap when you want to experience this hiking adventure.

The monkey park

There is the monkey park. The monkeys here are cute and very entertaining to tourists. Getting close to the monkeys without fear or worry and taking photographs of them is an experience that will remain with you for a long time to come.

   There are loads of interesting monuments to see if you are on a Kyoto Free Walking Tour. When you have a tourist guide with a detailed plans to be performed, you will have an experience of a lifetime.

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