The IQ is a measure of the intelligence of an individual. It compares, how well you are doing in comparison to others. Your IQ score is calculated by comparing the IQ to a group of others. And you should also know that IQ and intelligence are not the same things.

Usage of iq tests online 

iq tests online are being used for the following purposes

  • They are used by employers during company assessment and placement 
  • To find out intellectual disability and assessment
  • For cognitive research 
  • To evaluate the job candidate
  • To determine general abilities including speed and memory 

At present time intelligence tests often focus on abilities such as mathematical knowledge, memory, and language skills. The ability to solve problems and remember information is also a very important component of intelligence.

Theories on Intelligence 

The theory of intelligence can be divided into two parts. The first part is the general ability and the second is the multiple intelligence.

Verbal intelligence

Verbal intelligence is referred to as the ability to understand, use and learn the language. If an individual is understanding text, and large vocabulary quickly, this indicates he has high verbal intelligence. But if a person makes some linguistic errors, that can be a sign of lower intelligence.


IQ tests the online quality

On the internet, you can find several free websites that conduct IQ tests for free. But the free website won’t provide a reliable IQ measurement. They can be best if used as exercise material and in preparation.

Professional iq test 

Professional iq tests online are the one that is used by psychologist in their research and education, and they are much more reliable. However, most of these tests are outdated for usage in today’s time. It means that your IQ will be compared with the group of others who took the test very long years ago. Moreover, these tests are very expensive. 


 The controversy of iq tests

iq tests online has been controversial for a very long time. This is because of the following reasons:-

  •   Validity: Not every psychologist agrees on the standard definition of intelligence. It may happen that an individual won’t be able to perform well in certain tests due to some reasons. This does not mean he has low intelligence. 
  •   Reliability:Another important question, is how reliable these tests are. The reliability of IQ tests should be provided through consistent results. As people should produce the same result after each test. 
  •   Discrimination:IQ tests have been used to justify the discrimination between the minority group and disabled individuals. 

Many other factors can influence the IQ of an individual and the score can change over time. Some of the other factors that can impact the IQ test score are as follows:

  • Educational access and background
  • Nutrition 
  • Culture 
  • Environment 
  • Overall health and medical conditions

Many psychologists suggest that other important elements contribute to intelligence. Such as social and emotional factors. Individuals with higher IQ scores are linked to good health, academic performance, and overall well-being. We should know that iq tests online are only one measure of someone’s intelligence.

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