The 군산출장 (Gunsan Business Trip) Guide: Everything You Need To Know

You’re about to embark on a work trip to Gunsan. Whether it’s your first time visiting the city or you are a frequent traveler, this guide will serve as your go-to for everything you need to know about the area.

Gunsan is a smaller town with plenty of charm and character. With more than 10 million people passing through every year, it has been growing rapidly in recent years.

Whether you want to tour one of their many temples, spend an evening at one of their many parks, or explore the bustling nightlife scene, this guide will help make your stay even more memorable!


 Things To Do In Gunsan

There are plenty of wonderful things to do while you’re in 군산출장 (Gunsan business trip). With 10 million tourists passing through every year, the city has grown rapidly. Whether you’re looking for a bustling nightlife scene or an authentic Korean temple, there is something for everyone there.

One of the best temples is Myeongnyangsa Temple which is a must-see for visitors to Gunsan. It’s home to one of the largest Buddhist sculptures in Korea and the location of a famous battle during the Japanese occupation era. The statue depicts Prince Myeongnyang who led a valiant army and defeated the invaders from Japan.

Getting Around The City

Gunsan is mainly a walking city, but if you need to move around more quickly you can use one of their many buses and subways. The bus system is incredibly efficient and while they’re not always the most glamorous way to travel, they will get you where you need to go promptly.

The trains are Gunsan’s subway system and don’t always run as frequently as the buses, so keep that in mind when exploring the city. If you do choose to take the subway, it will be helpful for you to know that there are two different lines: Line 1 and Line 2. For tourists, it might be easiest to take Line 1 which runs from north to south through central Gunsan.


One of the first things you need to know about Gunsan is how you will be getting around. The easiest way to get from place to place is by taxi, which can be hailed on any street corner and are always at your service.

The other option is to take a bus. Be sure to have cash or credit cards handy as buses do not accept bills. There are also bicycle rentals available, but they may be more difficult to navigate in certain areas due to narrow roads and traffic.

If you’re planning on visiting any of the smaller cities nearby, it might be best to rent a car for the day instead of taking a taxi or bus when possible.

Useful Phrases

One of the most important things about visiting a new place is making sure you know how to communicate with locals. It’s always best to brush up on any useful phrases and words before you go on your trip, so be sure to bookmark this page!

Here are some common Korean phrases:

– Hello: 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo)

– Thank you: 감사해요 (kamsahaeyo)

– Excuse me: 실례합니다 (silheehamnida)

– I don’t understand: 모르겠어요 (moreugessoyo)


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