This Is Your FirstTimeWithAn Escortsex in köln; Here’sWhat To Anticipate

Imagine you’ve found the perfect sex worker. You’ve arranged a meeting. You’re nervously pacing up to their door for the visit. Afterward, what will happen? Booking an escort is exceptionally similar to going on an actual date. Getting to know someone, flirting with them, and eventually having sexual relations with them is the goal.


The difference between this and a conventional date is the increased certainty of the outcome. Since you are footing the bill, there is no pressure to present yourself in a specific manner to get laid. As long as you’re nice and respectful, your escort will try their best to make you happy. The steps that will occur and your responsibilities at each stage of the session are outlined below.


Ahead Of The Time And Day


Make sure your house or hotel room is clean if you plan on meeting your escort there. Because you and your companion will use the bathroom before and after play, keep it clean. Maintaining a stock of fresh towels is also a good idea. You, too, are expected to maintain a neat and orderly environment. Virtual dating requires the same care and attention as in-person dating.


If AndWhen Your EscortComes


Please don’t go overboard enthusiastically when your guide comes (or when you visit their home). Allow them some downtime to take it easy. You may give them a tour of your place or at least offer them a drink of water. Permit them to unload their gear, use the facilities, and arrange necessary supplies.




Get the payment to them as quickly as feasible. Most escorts prefer envelopes with cash inside over chaotic wads of bills. It’s time well spent so you can go on to the enjoyable parts. Please don’t take it personally, but it’s vital to safeguard every client’s safety by having the lady call their driver or a friend. It’s impolite to become sexual, grabby, or kissy before paying.


GetIn TheShowerRightNow


You may be asked to freshen up after arriving by your escort before having sex in köln. There is no malice intended. This is how we do things around here to ensure we’re all OK with getting our hands dirty. Make sure you feel as refreshed as possible right now. Put on some toothpaste, some mouthwash, and some soap. Your worker will be more interested in you if you’re nice to the senses.


The ProcessOfSettlingIn


What happens after the mingling portion of the event has concluded? Contrary to what some people may believe, engaging in sexual behavior does not start right away. Like an alternative, you and your escort will engage in some light conversation and get to know one another, just as you would on a regular date.




What’s next? Escort dates are similar to genuine dates. The aim is to get to know someone, flirt with them, and then engage in sexual activity. There is no need to dress a certain way if you are paying for the date since you have nothing to lose. Provided you are polite and kind. Your escort will do their utmost to fulfill your every need.

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