Everyone agrees that comfortable shoes are essential. If they last a long time, then even better! However, with so many options available on the market, it isn’t easy to decide which is the best choice. To facilitate the resolution of this impasse, the leather boot comes to meet all the requirements of those who need a perfect shoe. Practical and versatile, the leather boot goes from work to party, from leisure to more formal.

In addition, leather is a reference for comfort and durability. If you learn how to care for them properly, you’ll have your shoes for years to come!

See now why you shouldn’t give up having your leather boot and the importance and advantages of keeping this shoe among your favorites!

Durability And Resistance

As we have already said, one of the main advantages of a leather boot is its durability. When you buy a pair made with leather of good quality and origin, you will undoubtedly be able to enjoy its benefits for a long time, much longer than boots made of synthetic materials even. The leather boot is also very resistant footwear, protecting your feet from cuts and injuries, the cold, the wind, and falling small objects. The leather doesn’t break easily and still keeps your feet dry!


Despite the irreverent style of leather boot prints, it is interesting to observe how well these accessory fits on different occasions. Combined with the right clothes, these shoes will accompany you on your travels, at parties, at work, and even in the most formal situations. Did you know that you can wear leather boots with social clothes? It is, in fact, a joker among your shoes!


Leather boots such as Belleville steel to boots for example will always be your most comfortable footwear: it allows for perspiration, is malleable, has a pleasant touch, absorbs impacts, and adapt to your foot and your tread. A quality shoe will be made with the best leather and will have seams in perfect condition, a well-fixed sole, and a tremendous internal finish, without burrs in the material, glue leftovers, or tangles of threads. Knowing this, try to know the origin of the leather boot you intend to purchase to ensure the comfort that only a good quality product can offer.

Easy Maintenance

We have already talked here on the blog about the correct way to clean and moisturize your leather boot. The truth is that keeping your shoes beautiful and functional is very simple and fast!

Some basic care – such as using a flannel to remove surface dirt and using a product suitable for the care of the leather, such as our Wax Leather wax, to revitalize, waterproof, and prevent the leather from drying out – are sufficient. To preserve the beauty and maintain the durability of your leather boot.

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