People who are trying to reduce weight can benefit from using a weight-loss gadget called a gastric balloon. It achieves this by increasing the rate at which people experience fullness, which in turn leads to reduced food consumption. In addition, it alters the hormones that regulate appetite. It is possible for there to be a large amount of weight loss as a result of this procedure depending on the size of the balloon and the adjustments in lifestyle that the patient makes. After the surgery, patients often experience a loss of body weight ranging from seven percent to fifteen percent of their initial total. Their removal of excess weight can be as high as 30 kilogrammes in some cases.

The fact that an ingestible gastric balloon does not call for surgery and does not call for anaesthesia is the most significant benefit of using one. During the process, the balloon will first be inflated with water before being placed within the patient’s stomach. After around 16 weeks, the balloon will burst on its own accord and be expelled via the body. These devices have been in use for decades, but because to their high cost and poor acceptance rate, they have remained relatively uncommon.

A filling syringe 30 is attached to the ballongastrique device 10 through a connection tube. When the patient consumes the device, it will go from the stomach to the small intestine after going through the stomach first. After that, the patient will be able to verify that it is indeed located in the stomach. It is essential to keep in mind that the connecting tube 20 does not have a length that is suitable for traversing the pyloric sphincter.

It is recommended that the ingestible gastric balloon have a collar attached to it. The patient will be able to swallow the device up to the point where the collar reaches their lips while the collar holds the connected line in place. After the collar has been completely ingested, the medical device is now located in the stomach where it can be inflated.

One more benefit of using an ingestible gastric balloon is that the procedure does not need to be performed under general anaesthesia or with an endoscope. About a half an hour is all that is required to finish the treatment. The individual will experience satiety and will no longer require snacks in between meals. The patient will be able to shed more pounds as a result of this treatment than they would have been able to achieve by simply adhering to a diet and exercise regimen. This medication has been administered effectively to over 4,000 individuals thus far.

Patients who have tried to reduce weight in the past but have been unsuccessful may be candidates for the ingestible gastric balloon. It is a weight loss method that does not require surgery, does not cause pain, and is effective. The vast majority of individuals who have the balloon removed can quickly resume their regular eating routines. The sequential balloon approach is an additional method that can be utilised by individuals who are looking for a means to drop even more weight. This choice should not be made by expectant mothers or parents of young children.

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