Track cycling is a fun and effective form of exercise, but it can also be quite dangerous if you aren’t that careful enough as a cyclist. In this article, Olympic winner and track cycling legend Marty Nothstein will discuss how you can prevent accidents in track cycling by making sure your equipment is up to code and avoiding common mistakes that lead to injury.

Wear The Right Track Biking Helmet

The most important piece of equipment you can wear while track cycling is a helmet. Helmets are mainly designed to protect your head in the event of an accident and can be especially helpful when it comes to preventing brain injuries.

While some track cyclists may choose not to wear helmets due to their weight or appearance, they should always make sure that they have one with them whenever they get on their bike so that they’ll be prepared in case something happens.

Make Sure Your Track Bike Is In Good Condition

To prevent serious accidents in track cycling, you should make sure your track bike is always in good condition. This includes checking the wheels and tires, brakes, chains, pedals and cranks (pedals), handlebars or stems, and saddles.

Aside from that, you can also check for cracks or other damage on the frame of the bike. If there are any cracks in the bike frame itself or along its welds, then this could be a sign that it may not be safe for you to use anymore. It would be wise for you to get another bike instead of taking any risks with an unsafe piece of track cycling equipment.

Avoid Having Headphones On While Track Cycling

It is always dangerous to have headphones on while riding in a track cycling activity because you need to be able to hear what is going on around you.

You should be able to hear the sounds of the track, such as other cyclists approaching or cars pulling up behind you. You also need to be aware of any noises that could indicate danger, such as a car horn or emergency vehicle siren.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

Marty Nothstein believes that your emotions can be a distraction in track cycling and lead to bad biking decisions. In track cycling, the peloton often comes together for photo opportunities or to celebrate an achievement. This is a time when track riders are likely to get emotional and excited about what they have just achieved.

Emotions can also lead to poor behavior among track cyclists in the form of aggressive riding or worse yet, intentional crashes. When this happens, it creates more work for everyone involved, not just those involved in the bike crash but also those who may have been indirectly affected.

Wear Body Armor And A Biking Skin Suit When Necessary

Lastly, wearing body armor and a skin suit for cyclists is necessary if you are doing any kind of track cycling. Body armor and biking skin suits protect your body from the impact of a bike crash, which can help prevent injuries to your body. Even if you don’t plan on crashing, it’s still a good idea to wear these items because they offer additional protection in case of a biking accident or fall.

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