Commercial gas inspection is simply a test to make sure that gas appliances operate efficiently and safely. Although gas inspection focuses majorly on appliances, it also covers safety flues, devices, and air vents. After the gas inspection is done and completed, the owner of the commercial building will be given a safety certificate. This can serve as proof that the building has been checked by qualified engineers. A qualified gas inspector will make sure that all your appliances are ideal for your building or room located, fitted securely, and that they are functioning correctly. 

What you must know about a commercial gas safety inspection

This type of inspection is a must and a legal obligation to all commercial building owners. It is simply a process to ensure safety and health compliance. Without gas inspection, you will only put your employees at high risk of explosions, gas leaks, and even gas poisoning. 

How risky are unsafe gas appliances?

There are three major risks associated with unsafe gas appliances. Here are some of the most important things that a registered and qualified engineer should be looking for

  • Gas leaks

This is the first very common risk associated with unsafe gas appliances. Gas leaks have been a major cause of explosions and even fire. If you smell gas within your building or premises, it is very important to call gas inspection emergency services right away. During the safety inspection, the best engineer will be on the lookout for any leaks and tighten any pipes that are loose to avoid further leakage and a possibility of a tragedy.  We all know that gas is combustible. That is the reason why it is usually burned in a controlled and safe manner. If a gas appliance is not in good shape, it may release more gas than usual and this may cause a fire. You should hire the best engineer to check the condition of your appliances just to ensure they are working correctly. A commercial gas certificate should be issued after the inspection.

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

Unsafe gas appliances can also be the cause of gas poisoning. According to statistics, a good number of people from across the world die because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The worst part of it is that you may not even be able to detect that the gas is leaking nor be able to smell it. The only suitable way to avoid any tragedies is by having your gas appliances inspected regularly. 

  • It can cause death

You should have your gas inspected regularly to avoid any kind of leaks that may cause carbon monoxide poisoning or even death. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for any warning signs. Always make sure that your appliances are inspected regularly, and they are working properly in case you notice anything unusual, it would be better if you called for emergency services right away. It would also be better to have an idea of indicators that may cause gas leakage. Gas inspection is a safety rule that everyone must comply with. Therefore, it is mandatory to have the workplace inspected from now and then


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